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Lieber Correctional Institution Inmate Search and Prison Information

Updated on: April 27, 2024
843-875-3332, 803-896-3700
136 Wilborn Avenue PO Box 205, Rembert, SC, 29472

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One of the prisons in the state of South Carolina, Lieber Correctional Institution – also known as Rembert Prison – is located in Rembert, South Carolina. The population, majority male, is over 1488 and the prison houses three death row units.

There are a variety of academic and support opportunities available for inmates in Lieber Correctional Institution. Academic opportunities include GED, career choice, special education services, among others. There are a variety of betterment programs such as alcoholics anonymous, library program, social skills, etc. Lastly, there are many chaplaincy programs and opportunities for spiritual betterment.

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Lieber Correctional Institution Prison Information

Jail Name Lieber Correctional Institution
Jail Type State Prison
Authority: South Carolina Department of Corrections
Location 136 Wilborn Avenue PO Box 205, Rembert, SC, 29472
Contact Numbers 843-875-3332, 803-896-3700
City Rembert
Postal Code 29472
State South Carolina
County Sumter County
Jail Webpage website

Inmate Resources for Family and Friends

Public Records Online Search

Criminal Records and Contact Info aggregated from real law enforcement agencies and government court houses.

Inmate Search

The South Carolina Department of Corrections hosts an online database search where one can locate an inmate. Either enter an inmate’s DC number (identification number) or their first/last names. Partial spellings of names will yield all results that contain the letters entered. You can specify to search aliases and if you do or do not want photos to be displayed in search results.

Sending a Mail

Writing to an inmate is highly encouraged, as contact with family and friends is healthy for both the inmate and for those who love them. Contact with the outside world also helps with an inmate’s transition back into society after their sentence.

Mail to Lieber Correctional Institution should only be sent through the U.S. Postal Service. Deliveries by any other currier will be rejected. Mail should only be sent in plain envelopes and may contain written letters (no page limit) on plain paper and up to 15 additional pages of other correspondence, including photos (max 8x10 inches), cards and individual newspaper/magazine clippings.

Inmates are not allowed to receive packages, although published reading material can be sent to them via U.S. Postal Service directly from a publishing company (i.e. Amazon.) These publications must not contain subject matter that contains the following content:

  • Lewd or sexual content

  • Violence or anything encouraging it

  • Code

  • Anything advertising 3-way calling or penpal services

  • Crude language

  • Anything suggesting escape methods

  • Contains criminal history or information about another inmate

  • Describes methods to brew alcoholic beverages or make drug

Send mail to:

Inmate's last name, first name, DC#
Lieber Correctional Institution
136 Wilborn Avenue
PO Box 205, Rembert, SC, 29472

Sending Money

There are a variety of ways to send funds to an inmate. Helping your inmate out letters/emails, and purchase items from the commissary. To send funds to an inmate, you must know their full name, institution and DC number.

The fastest way to send money to an inmate is through JPay, which is available online or through an app. You can also call JPay at (800) 574-5729 to send funds from debit/credit over the phone. You can also visit a MoneyGram center (CVS, Walmart, etc) to send funds using receive code. Lastly, funds can be sent through a money order to JPay, P.O. Box 260010, Hollywood, FL 33026 with a deposit slip.

Phone Calls

Inmates in Lieber Correctional Institution are not allowed to receive calls, but they may make outgoing calls. The inmate must create a list of maximum ten numbers they wish to contact, which is approved before calls can be placed. Inmates can request for the numbers on the approved calling list to be changed once every six months.

Call rates are $0.04/minute for local calls and $0.14/minut for collect or prepaid calls. For more assistance, families can contact the provider, Securus.

Visiting Rules

While the website for Lieber Correctional Institution specifies that visiting hours are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., there is more involved to visiting an inmate than showing up in this time frame. The website has detailed instructions regarding visitation that should be reviewed carefully. All visitors must be pre-approved before visiting (applications are available online.)

Prior to your visit, expect a thorough search upon entering the Lieber Correctional Institution. You will experience a pat-down search, go through a metal detector, and may be submitted to questioning/an interview.

When visiting, there are regulations on what visitors can bring and wear. Dress modestly and plainly, with no transparent or tight clothing. Clothing should not depict threatening or crude language or images. Avoid dressing in anything that might resemble prison clothing, including orange or army green colors or jumpsuits.

Only bring your ID and a set of keys. Visitors with infants are allowed to bring 5 diapers, 3 clear bottles, 1 clear pacifier, 3 clears jars of baby food, wipes/towelettes in a clear plastic bag, 1 set of clothing and 1 blanket. These items can be stored in a bag that will be searched. Other items that can be brought into the prison (such as medication) can be found on the DOC’s website.

Visitation Hours

Sunday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

How Often Can I Visit?

Visitation frequency is dependent on an inmate’s security level and behavior. Check with Lieber Correctional Institution administration for this information at 843-875-3332, 803-896-3700.


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